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>>> welcom >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, war plan. president obama will announce his decision on afghanistan next week, likely to incle more troops. but how will they be used, and will they make a difference? >>> mixed message. home prices are stabilizing, but many homeowners owe more than their house is worth. so, what's the true picture of the housing market? >>> risky business. the loophole that allows products for children to be sold in this country would mandatory safety tests. >>> moose call. one man's effort to safe the life of his pal, who just happens to be a moose. >>> and, from soup to nuts, the obamas host their first state dinner. >>> good evening. a decision is at hand. for three months now the president has grappled with whether to send more troops to afghanistan, and what u.s. strategy there ought to be. over and over, he has met with his war council. political critics have accused him of dithering. today, a white house spokesman said he will announce his decision a week from tonight. it is likely he will send thousands more troops in, with benchmarks
news," sarah palin rates president obama on a scale of 1 to 10. part of her interview with barbara walters. >>> the president in beijing with a trillion dollar dilemma. america's sea of red actually re rips the chinese? robert krulwich will take "closer look." >>> and hide and seek at the bottom of the sea. discovering top secret submarines last seen in world war ii. the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus. >>> sarah palin's new book went on sale today, soaring right to the top of several best seller lists. the memoirs of the former alaska governor are being scrutinized for new clue to the one question so many are asking. will she or won't she? barbara walters sat down with the former vice presidential candidate to
to the word "flushed with success." >>> good evening. one year ago, barack obama rode into office on a wave of discontent prom itsing change on the number one issue for voters, the economy. well, yesterday, in new jersey and virginia exit polls show voters were overwhelmingly interested about the economy. despite campaign appearances, democrats lost gub tore yal races in those two states and voter whose supported the president just a year ago, well, they still like him but abandoned him in droves. we begin with john berman in jersey city tonight, john. >> this is a state he won by 15 points. where no rublican won in more than ten years but it's one of the places that has republicans cheering. with with their candidates for governor in new jersey and virginia raising their arms in glee. republicans in washington today, raised their voices to gloat. >> i think there's a political rebellion going on in america. what we saw last night was just a glimpse of it. in our exit polls, well over 80% of voters in new jersey and virginia said they are worried about the economy. those most worried voted
. president obama urges more message in china. >>> pondering, palin. 6 in 10 americans say she is not qualified to be president. might her new book change the perception? >>> and the iconic toy company that survived the recession, brick by brick. >>> good evening. it has been the gospel, long promoted, by the american cancer society for every woman over 40, get a mammogram. it is vital every year. but now an independent task force imposed of leading experts in primary care and prevention turns that advice on its head, telling women they're getting too many mammograms. really? today's announcement has doctors and patients confused. john mckenzie is here. >> with the guidelines considered among the best at analyzing the data, it may not make the recommendations easy to except. at a time when mammograms are helping drive down the death toll from breast cancer, these new guidelines actually recommended less screening. >> these guidelines are being changed because we have new studies, because we have new ways of looking at those studies, and because we have a better way of using the
>>> welc >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, job search. president obama calls for a high level suck mitt on how to get people back to work. but what new options are there? >>> stormy weather the mid-atlantic states are being pounded by rain and wind. it's a storm that just won't go away. >>> home therapy. a very costly treatment for children with autism is now being made available to parents to apply at home. >>> and, the country queen. taylor swift is not only country's biggest star, she's the biggest music star in the country. >>> good evening. the president has been focused on health care reform. he's been focused on afghanistan. but people in the country are focused on their jobs. and so president obama moved unemployment back to the top of his agenda today, calling for a summit meeting to find ways to jump start job creation. and it is needed. another half million workers filed for unemployment benefits last week. that may be the lowest number since the beginning of the year, but it is still not good. so, what jump start options are there? david muir is standing by. david?
tonight from portland, oregon, thank you. >>> the white house announced today that president obama is gointo go to west point next tuesday night to make that address to the nation in his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. so jonathan karl is with us from the white house tonight. why west point? >> reporter: white house officials say the president wanted to speak directly to some of those what will bear the cost of his decision. but there's something else at work here this is going to be, i am told, aetailed speech. the president will outline not just his decision on troops and the strategy to afghanistan and pakistan but go through the process that he went through in making that speech. that means, a long speech, likely more than 40 minutes, and considerably longer than the kind of statements you would usually see the president give. >> listening to the white house spokesman today, i was struck -- we were focused on the troops added into afghanistan, but their focus, what they're talking about is totally when the troop troops, all of them, come home. >> reporter: it's fascina
. >>> and the football may you might not have seen today. president obama going long. >>> good evening. and happy thanksgiving. if you are cooking for the family, you knew exactly how many people were coming for dinner. white house officials thought they knew, too, for that first state dinner hosted by president and mrs. obama. but the secret service is acknowledging a huge security blunder tonight after news that a socialite couple trying out for a reality show managed to crash the white house affair. how did they get through the checkpoints? we begin tonight with yunji de nies at the white house. >> reporter: good evening, david. this is supposed to be the most secured home in the country. but tonight, the secret service is acknowledging, they made a big mistake. in this mix of political power and hollywood glamour, michaele and tareq is a lal hi seemed to blend right in. smelling with the vice president, the white house chief of staff and robin roberts. >> she was working that tent. >> reporter: but the couple was not supposed to be there. their names not on the official list. the secret servi
of the best known cancer researchers in this country agreed with the debate. >>> president obama is in china. he used a town hall forum to prod the students. jake tapper is traveling with the president. >> reporter: in beijing this evening, president obama was greeted by chinese president and pa paramount leader hu jintao. and the man who lost his leg 20 years ago. at a town hall meeting on sunday, president obama did not offer a forceful denounceation but his amessage was clear. >> we believe there are universal rights. >> reporter: the more than 400 students in attendance were handpicked by university officials. some confided they'd been coached to be friendly from questions on how do you win the nobel peace prize and what do you expect to bring home from china. >> it is a great honor for me to stand here asking you questions. >> reporter: anticipating a docile crowd, even websites like facebook and twitter. students did not seem evening tore embrace the president's vision. should china be open about that sort of thing. >> that's -- well, you we have to deal with it from different position
than 30. president obama called it a horrific outburst of violence. >> these are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and, at times, give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> so we have several reports tonight. and we're going to begin with martha raddatz in washington. >> reporter: the suspect was an army doctor at the base hospital and the soldiers he killed were on their way to iraq. [ sirens ] it was a horrific attack. armed with handguns, the shooter entered the processing center where soldiers were getting final medical and dental checks before deployment. >> the shooter opened fire and essentially due to the quick response of the police forces, was killed. the challenge that we face right now is the installation is locked down and, in many cases, a lot of facilities, a lot of our families, children, are locked in facilities. we're making a call right now as to det
? >> reporter: good evening, charlie. white house officials argue this is no way a referendum on president obama. these are local races. but republicans, perhaps smeming some victories tonight, point out that today is the first opportunity voters have had to register their feelings about president obama and the democratic congress. in new jersey, president obama is not only the ballot. bull he's on the phone. >> hi, this is president obama. i want to apologize for disturbing you. >> repter: the president's robo calls to voters in the garden state follow his campaign appearances for the state's unpopular democratic governor, jon corzine. locked in a neck and neck race with republican former federal prosecutor chris chris tooe. >> jon was one of the best colleagues i had in the senate. and one of the best partners i have in the white house. >> reporter: the white house insists the results of that race and the virginia governor's race will not say anything about support for the president. but the feelings of vote are relevant to the president's future successes and failures, and perhaps in next yea
uninsured now. >>> president obama predicted today the decision to bring khalid shaikh mohammed and four others to stand trial on terrorism charges will satisfy americans when, and these were his words, when mohamed is convicted and the death penalty is applied to him. attorney general eric holder was on capitol hill answering senators angry that the terrorism suspects are going to be brought to the u.s. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the attorney general came under immediate and sustained republican fire for his decision to bring khalid shaikh mohammed and other suspected terrorists to new york to stand trial. >> i believe this decisi is dangerous. that is a perversion of the justice system. >> this really bothers mr. attorney general, with all >> reporter: the normally collegial attorney general was combative. >> i know that we are at war. we need not cower in the face of this enemy. our resolve is firm and our people are ready. >> reporter: holder has argued that civilian court holds the best chance for success and more appropriate because 9/11 was a direct attack on the u.s. home
. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, job won. president obama calls reducing unemployment his top priority, but health care, afghanistan and a whopping deficit are a looming problems four the president. >>> child safety. the government announces the biggest baby crib recall in history. >>> the senator affair. a man whose wife had an affair with a powful senator speaks out and making new allegations. >>> and an actor who often plays a terrorist on screen is now acting on behalf of u.s. troops in afghanistan. >>> good evening. when reporters were invited into today's cabinet meeting at the white house, they wanted to ask the president whether he made a decision about sending more troops to afghanistan. he ignored the questions. he wanted to talk about just one issue. the need to get millions of people who face thanksgiving without a job back to work. high unemployment is a real political problem for the president. and it's a stark reminder that people want to work and won't feel the recession is truly over until more of them can. betsy stark is here tonight, betsy? >> charlie, the president
, said one man, is peace." jim sciutto, abc news, kabul. >>> president obama called president hamid karzai today to congrant him but also to tell him there is much to do to establish the legitimacy of his government. >> although the process was messy, i'm pleased to say that the final outcome was determined in accordance with afghan law. and our white house correspondent jake tapper is joining us from the north lawn of the white house. jake, the president says he's pleased. are they really? >> well, they're pleased that it's over and they're pleased that it didn't evolve into a constitutional prices which is the worst. as for the feelings for hamid karzai, he made it clear from the oval office. he said something that you'll hear a lot from the international organization in the coming weeks which is that karzai needs to clean up his act when it comes to anti-government and good governance. he said the process was fair, but they did not call him credible. they want him to earn his credibility. >> and, jake, the white house is holding off on the decision on whether to send more troops.
care, president obama's overseas tour and sarah palin's new book. >>> there was encouraging news today on the spread of the h1n1 swine through. the cdc said the number of cases seems to be easing, with only two states, hawaii and maine reporting an increase in the last week. that matches what our medical unit is hearing from around the country, and david muir is here with more tonight. david? >> reporter: good evening, george. the cdc confirmed what we've been told by health departments across this country, that the number of h1n1 cases is on the decline. the question now, has this strain of the flu peaked? while the cdc wouldn't go that far, several flu experts we talked to today said they are confident we have turned the corner. for three weeks in a row now, the cdc has seen the number of h1n1 cases go down. >> all ten regions of the u.s. are seeing a decrease. >> reporter: this was austin, texas, just two months ago. tents lined up outside as hundreds were coming down with the h1n1 flu. today, those tents are down >> we were seeing about 280 patients or more a day with flu. and that
like it was real. >>> then one-on-one. an exclusive interview with president obama, about ford hood, health care and sending more troops to afghanistan. >>> good evening. as regards the shooting rampage at ft. hood, the only suspect, major nidal hasan is now able to speak and has hired a lawyer. brian ross reports that u.s. that major hasan posed a threat and was reaching out to radial elements. why was he sent to afghanistan, brian ross is here tonight. >> reporter: charlie, officials tell abc news tonight that the u.s. knew months ago, through electronic intercepts, that major nidal hasan was reaching out to al qaeda, and the information was passed on to the army. there's no sign anything the army did anything about that or gave warning signs. u.s officials say by the time hasan arrived at ft. hood in july, major hasan had already been in contact with one of al qaeda's top recruiters. anwar awlaki is an american who operates an english language website out of yemen, urging all muslims to wage jihad against the united states. >> the key here is jihad or no jihad. >> aulaqi was know
it to them. >> reporter: but new york's may yosh during the attacks accused the obama administration of a pre-9/11 mentality. other republicans were equally critical. >> absolutely outraged. this is the most disgraceful decision any president has ever made. >> reporter: khalid shaikh mohammed could be in new york within 45 days, but any trial is likely more than a year away, charlie. >> pierre thomas, thank you. and "nightline's" terry moran, who covers the courts for us is with us. as professor waxman said, there is all kinds of pitfalls for this. there are problems here, what are they? >> reporter: huge problems. the challenges with these cases are unprecedented. the biggest one, pierre mentioned. the harsh interrogations, what do you do with that? the attorney general says there are fbi clean teams they call them, who have gone through the cases and they built a clean prosecution. defense lawyers, human lights lawyers are going to say, you can't unwaterboard khalid shaikh mohammed. this is what they call the fruit of the poison tree. it's going to be tainted. a judge will have to rule on t
. this >>> on this veterans day, in keeping with tradition, president obama took part in ceremonies at arlington national cemetery. placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. >>> and then, breaking from tradition, he walked through the gravestones of section 60, where those who died in iraq and afghanistan are buried. the onner is vanlss come a day after the president spoke at ft. hood, telling today's men and women in uniform that they measure up in every way to those who came before. are we witnessing the newest greatest generation? david wright has our "closer look" at america's heroes, past and present. >> reporter: for generations, veterans day was for old men, and members of their generation who never got to be old men. these days, it's a different story. last night, as men and women from the first cavalry returned from iraq, the pictures were every as bit poignant as those gis coming home. >> this generation has more than proved itself the equal of those who've come before. we need not look to the past for greatness because it is before our very eyes. >> we don't need to look in the past for ou
at least half the year. at the white house today, president obama signed another extension of unemployment benefits. >> it's a bill that extends unemployment benefits for up to 20 additional weeks. >> reporter: yvonne shine, a laid-off executive assistant who collected her last check a month ago, says the relief cannot come soon enough. i'm broke. i have no money. i have nothing. it's only been the kindness of strangers that has allowed me to continue to survive. >> reporter: optimists point out that today's report shows a pick-up in temporary hiring as well as a slight increase in the amount of overtime hours, both historically signs that full-time workers may soon be needed. so, couple of hopeful glimmers, charlie in an otherwise very discouraging report. >> betsy, thanks to you. >>> and a sports note tonight. the new york yankees today took a curtain call, starring in a ticker tape parade honoring their world series triumph. streams of paper rained down as the yankees road up broadway to city hall where they received the keeps to the city. it was the team's 27th world series title. but
asked, "what do you want?" what i want is one to one. it is almost certain that president obama will add at least 10,000 troops needed to train afghan forces. but the decision on whether to add even more us troops is still weeks away. charlie? >> martha raddatz reporting from kabul tonight. >>> and still ahead on "world news," a ldmark court ruling places blame for katrina flooding the government could face floods of lawsuits. >>> experts who wrote the new mammogram guide the lines defend the report that's causing so much outrage. >>> and, over the moon. "dwight light" teens about to take the box office by storm again, and even moms can't wait. campbell's green ean casserole... now's the time to get more of the seafood you love. now's the time to create your own seafood feast at red lobster. choose two or three from ten selections. classic favorites like steamed crab legs... to new creations, like wood-grilled shrimp... with garlic creme and parmesan. or tender salmon with a sweet maple and cherry glaze. get more for your money when you create your own seafood feast. for a limited time,
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)